Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Crown after Root Canal Treatment

Q: Do I need a new crown after a root canal is done through my old one?
V.S. in Eagle Rock

A: Yes and no. (There. That narrows it down!) If the crown or bridge was recently made and upon examination and digital X-ray evaluation it appears sound, a permanent filling (called a core build-up) can be bonded into the hole.  However, if the crown or bridge is old and shows leakage, decay, fractures or excessive gum recession, it is better to make a new one.  Statistically, the number one cause of an abscess is   “coronal leakage”: the washing out of cement over time, allowing decay to form underneath the crown, infecting the nerve canals. As in medicine, there is no harm in seeking a second opinion to help you make the decision.

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