Saturday, September 25, 2010

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Q: Do all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed?  R.R. in Burbank

A: Dentistry is a funny business, with most body parts, doctors would recommend that you should keep them as long as you can.  However, when it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, molars buried under the gum and bone, you may want to consider having them removed as they can cause problems with your teeth and jaw.

Impactions can result in infection, decay of adjacent teeth, gum disease/bone loss and the formation of a cyst or tumor. If you are considering any specialty dental work you may find that your doctor will want them removed. Many orthodontists will want them out before starting braces on the teeth to allow for room in the mouth to correct crowding.

The younger you are when you have them removed the better because of  “softer” surrounding bone in the young jaw. We simply heal faster when we're younger.

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