Monday, June 20, 2011

Implant Crown Should Not Trap Food

Q:  I recently had my first bone graft and implant completed and am experienced that food gets trapped where the crown meets the gums.  I must floss after every single meal just to get all the food out. Is this normal? ...Mike, via e-mail

A: A crown over an implant should not be a place to store leftovers.

Possible causes to your problem:
• Open contacts: gaps between the crown and adjacent teeth.  Solution: Make a new crown.

• Implant abutment post too narrow.   Solution: Change out the abutment post to a larger diameter unit along with a new crown that will fill in the triangular voids (called embrasures).

• The implant itself is too narrow, resulting in a shelf like void around the crown, trapping debris.   Solution: Have your doctor take a look and sort things out

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